Tour canale villoresi from monza to cassano d adda

Tour: Canale Villoresi from Monza to Cassano d’Adda

Tour: Canale Villoresi from Monza to Cassano d’Adda

The tour starts from Monza and it goes along a stretch of Canale Villoresi which links Ticino with the Adda River shaping the countryside of Alto Milanese and Brianza. Monza is a well known city with its beautiful Park, one of the biggest green areas in Europe and with its oustanding Villa Reale, built by Maria Theresa of Austria as a summer residence for her son Ferdinand of Austria-Este.

The tour goes on to Carugate where, after passing through some road traffic , you can finally relax by cycling among nice farms typical of the plain.

Next stop is in Gessate where you can visit Saint Peter and Paul's Church. In the interior's church you can find two precious pictures of Antonio and Bernardino Campi. In Pozzo d'Adda you can see the Old Parish Church, the oldest building in the village, that was renovated many times.

Last stop is in Cassano d'Adda where you can admire Villa Borromeo, a gorgeous villa immersed in a wonderful 70.000 meters sq. garden and the impressive Castle located on Canale della Muzza banks.




  • Villa Reale di Monza (Monza Royal Palace): it is a fine building designed by the famous architect Giuseppe Piermarini, who applied a neoclassical style with a nod to the sober tradition of the Lombard villas. Some parts are also clearly inspired by the Royal Palace of Caserta, which Piermarini had helped to build when he was a pupil under Vanvitelli
  • Monza Park: it was built by Napoleon in 1805 and today it is one of the biggest walled natural areas in Europe with its 685 hectares
  • Monza Cathedral Museum and Treasury, which has a number of outstanding collections that takes you through 1,400 years of history
  • Parish Church of Saint Andrea Apostle in Carugate: it holds in the interior a precious altar piece in polychrom plaster consacrated to Saint Joseph
  • Bosco Villoresi: it is a natural reserve located in the area of Carugate village
  • Saint Peter and Paul's Church in Gessate, it was built in Neo-romanesque style between 1913 and 1916 in place of the Old Parish Church
  • Parco del Rio Vallone: it is located along the Vallone River and it is a green oasis in an urban area, on the north-est of Milan
  • Old Parish Church of Pozzo d'Adda: the church is consacrated to Saint Antonio Abate, who is the saint patron of animals. Animal husbandry has been one of the key activities in the area for centuries
  • Villa Borromeo in Cassano d'Adda: magnificient villa from the XVIII century, one of the most beautiful in the area
  • Cassano d'Adda Castle: impressive castle whose construction dates back to the Carolingian age



Places to visit:

Monza, Carugate, Gessate, Masate, Bettola di Pozzo d'Adda, Groppello d'Adda, Cassano d'Adda



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