Trezzo d'Adda what to see

Trezzo d'Adda, what to see in a day

Trezzo d'Adda, what to see in a day

Enjoy a relaxing visit to Trezzo d' AddaWhat to see when you  are short on time? 

If you wish to spend a few hours in Trezzo d'Adda, let us recommend what to see. In Lombardy it is possible to discover numerous localities like that will provide you an unforgettable outdoor trip immersed in nature.

Start by having breakfast comprising of a cappuccino and a croissant by the rivershore in the prestigious café Al Lavatoio. If you arrive late, just ask for lunch instead. You can admire the swans and ducks that dwell by the water from behind its windows, which blend an antique style with modern details.

Your gaze will stumble upon the Taccani Hydroelectrical Power Plant. Nowadays it hosts relevant exhibitions and events. Afterwards you can take a walk along the river banks and reach the fishermen's area.

You can also hop on a boat and sail to explore this watercourse in a one hour itinerary. If you've never seen the Alpine lake scenery of Lombardy, then this tour will leave you speechless.  

Go to the hills and see the remains of the Visconti Castle's walls and tower still standing. It is one of the most imporant castles in Lombardy regardless of the many times it was demolished in past wars.

Then there is the biodiversity of the Foppe di Trezzo, a splendid WWF oasis in Adda.

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