Valchiavenna Discovering the Giant s Kettle

Marmitte dei Giganti Park, Nature in Lombardy

Marmitte dei Giganti Park, Nature in Lombardy @danmorato

Did you know that there are giant round craters of various shapes in Valchiavenna called "the Giant's Kettle"?

Although you will not find any strange creatures from ancient myth here, this phenomenon will give you a clear idea about geological evolution of this territory. We are talking about the Marmitte dei Giganti Park, which includes a Natural Reserve located between the Valchiavenna and the start of Val Bregaglia, just outside Chiavenna's inhabitated areas.

You can see these caverns while walking the ancient paths and rails that take to old soapstone quarries that complete the magical background of the mountains and luxuriant nature. Glaciers and waterstreams carved their peculiar shape while transporting pebbles. They rush when met with ravines and with enough force and friction, thus eroding the stones until turning almost spherical and shaping these mysterious cavities into what they are nowadays.

We can find as well piled rocks while walking on the same path that are often embellished with petroglyphs of great historical interest.

In other words, Valchiavenna is an authentic open air museum.

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