Weekend in agritourism between nature and relax

Weekend in agritourism between nature and relax

Weekend in agritourism between nature and relax dvdwinters

It often happens that when the summer comes, one feels the need to "escape" the city for somewhere more relaxing, if possible deep in the green of the countryside.

And so, many people suddenly think of spending a weekend of country walks, dishes made with zero-miles ingredients and lots of other activities in contact with animals and with nature. What could be nicer than a few days of this, perhaps in a farm stay in Lombardy?

There are places that are perfect both for young couples who want to chill out and relax, and for families with children who will enjoy open-air activities with their parents, rediscovering that contact with nature that we have lost, living in cities.

Country walks, beside the lakes, in the company of expert guides or on your own, along the many clearly marked footpaths. Then there is horse riding or participation in activities specially created for guests, even for the smallest! 

Educational farms are increasingly widespread across the territory of Lombardy. These are farms or farm accommodation involved in child education, particularly in hosting school groups or young people for scholastic and extra-scholastic activities.

The aim of these educational farms is to offer the opportunity of learning about farming and the complete food cycle, as well as animal and plant life, the job of farmers and the territory, thus educating for responsible consumption and respect of the environment.

There are plenty of possibilities – you only have to choose where you would like to relax. In the countryside around Pavia, studded with vineyards and ideal for food-and-wine tourists (don't miss out on some wine tasting in the area of Oltrepò Pavese)? Or perhaps in the nature of the lakes, ideal places for sunbathing and a cooling dip. And if you round off your farm stay holiday with a trip on Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda, then your children (not only them) will be delighted.

Lastly, if you love walking in the pure air of the mountains, you could choose a farm stay in Valtellina. There is really something for all ages and all tastes!

Would you like some examples? Visit our section dedicated to agritourism and book your relaxing weekend in one of the destinations of Expo 2015.

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