Franciacorta wine produced in monasteries

Discover the monasteries producing Franciacorta wine

Discover the monasteries producing Franciacorta wine @Merighi-Provincia di Brescia

Franciacorta is undoubtedly one of the finest things to come out of the Brescia hills, fuelling the local tourism industry. The wine itself – of which white, rosé and satèn versions are all produced – truly is an exquisite nectar, with all production taking place in strict accordance with the classic method invented by Dom Perignon and used for three centuries in the Champagne region.

Yet production of Franciacorta is not exclusively limited to the world-famous wineries. Our voyage of discovery through the world of religious tourism takes us the to the Madonna della Neve Monastery in Adro, where the community of Discalced Carmelites is hard at work cultivating the vines that eventually go on to produce a fine Franciacorta. Visitors can buy the wine at the Monastery.

An isolated case, we hear you cry! Not so – not for Franciacorta. Simply drive for a couple of miles and you'll arrive in Rovato, the home of the Annunciata Monastery.

Here, the works of art mingle with the wonders of nature. Visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Monastery and Church, which the Servite Friars have painstakingly restored to their former glory after regaining possession of the site in the 1960s. And then, time for a glass of a fine and persistent Franciacorta. Pinot Grigio and Rosso grapes are used to create a stunning wine, which can be bought at the monastery.

Join us on a religious tourism experience through Lombardy – and discover that prayer and hard work can bear unexpected fruit!

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