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Where to buy honey made by monks in Lombardy

Where to buy honey made by monks in Lombardy

Where can you buy honey made by monks in Lombardy? Find out with our religious tourism adventures – we'll take you to the sacred places where beekeeping is flourishing.

Not many people know that Saint Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan, is also the patron saint of beekeepers. So what better way to put the Benedictine mantra of "Ora et Labora" into practice than by keeping bees?

The Benedictine monks at the Nostra Signora dell'Annunciazione monastery in Laveno, in the province of Varese, and the Abbazia di Morimondo near Milan make and sell fantastic honey.

So where else can you by honey and other bee-related products – like propolis, royal jelly, sweets and other treats – from monks? Simply head to the Abbazia di Chiaravalle or the Certosa di Pavia and you'll be met with an array of top-quality artisanal products.

The apiary of the Abbazia di San Benedetto in Seregno no longer produces honey after the death of father Francesco Colzani, but in his memory the workshop still jars and labels the best local honey.

Tourism in Lombardy opens all sorts of new doors: discover the many talents of our local monks, who are proving that the Benedictine mantra is more alive than ever! 

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