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Stay the night in a Lombardy monastery

Stay the night in a Lombardy monastery

Lombardy has a long tradition of convents and monasteries providing shelter for those in search of a place to sleep. In medieval times, monks, friars and nuns would often open their doors to wayfarers and pilgrims.

And now? Well, if you're into religious tourism then sleeping in a monastery is certainly the kind of unique experience you'll be looking for. It's perfect for anyone looking to experience the pace of life in a place of prayer and follow a spiritual guide, but it's also ideal if you would simply like to experience genuine human contact and try out a lifestyle based around reflection, silence and the big questions.

There are several monasteries providing hospitality in Lombardy, including the Baccanello monastery in Calusco d'Adda, which welcomes young people or small groups looking to find their calling, and the Sacro Cuore monastery in Cermenate, which welcomes individual guests.

One place not to be forgotten is the Certosa di Pavia monastery, which is perfect for people looking for a peaceful retreat to exercise their spiritual side, while the Pia Famiglia delle Sorelle del Santo Rosario Community in Rivanazzano is also worth a visit.

Another religious tourism gem is the Franciacorta region, where a trip to the Annunciata Monastery in Rovato is a must if you're looking to experience ecclesiastical life and explore your spirituality. Alternatively, pilgrims are welcome to spend a weekend of prayer at the Santuario della Divina Maternità monastery in Trezzo Sull'Adda, near Milan, with food and board provided.

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