Monks and beer cross paths in Monza and Buccinasco

Craft beer brewing in the monasteries of Lombardy

Craft beer brewing in the monasteries of Lombardy

Think monks and beer is a risky combination? Well you'd be wrong! Not everyone knows that back in medieval times, the majority of beer production took place inside monasteries, which represented oases of peace in a war-torn, turbulent time.

Now, history is repeating itself in Lombardy, where there are some fascinating experiences for the beer aficionados among us. Religious tourism brings us to Monza and Buccinasco, where we find two exceptional breweries.

The first is located inside the Carrobiolo monastery in Monza's Piazza Carrobiolo, where the monks use artisanal methods to produce special, experimental beers in their microbrewery. The idea of revoking the beer-making traditions was conjured up by Piero Fontana, who ran the educational centre, with the help of the monks. The brewery has been a huge success. You can purchase beer at the store, but if you'd like to taste it you'll need to head to the Brewpub in Piazza Indipendenza.

Monks and beer also cross paths in Buccinasco: it is here that the first Italian Abbey beer is brewed by Benedictine monks, who autonomously run the microbrewery at the SS. Pietro e Paolo Monastery in Cascinazza. Blond, Amber, Bruin and Kriek beers are all produced in limited quantities, and all in compliance with strict Belgian beer standards; the money raised from the beer is used to help develop the Monastery.

Religious tourism in Lombardy will help you get to know some unexpected places! Discover them all with us!

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