Cammini della Regina

Camini della Regina, religious itineraries from Coira to Como

Camini della Regina, religious itineraries from Coira to Como

The itineraries known as Cammini della Regina or the Queen Trails, represent the driving axis between north and south through three historic Lombard roads: Via Spluga,  Via Francisca and Via Regina (also known as Strada Regina).

Besides the waterway of the Lario river, the Cammini della Regina comprise the backbone of a territory full of varied landscapes, marked by historic, geographical and cultural links of the transalpine world, and at the same time towards the Po Valley down south.

Its itineraries untangle along ancient trails and localities of rare beauty that you will discover and appreciate. They are suitable for either people who is interested in the spiritual side of it and whoever wishes to appreciate its historic heritage and scenery.

Find out more about the 3 trails that make part of the Cammini della Regina itinerary:

Coira and the historic Spluga road

cammini della regina

Via Francisca

cammini della regina via francisca

Ancient Via Regina

cammini della regina via regina

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