Cammino dei Monaci

Cammino dei Monaci, religious itineraries in Lombardy

Cammino dei Monaci, religious itineraries in Lombardy

The Cammino dei Monaci or Path of the Monks is a new bike and walking itinerary that goes from downtown Milan to the Frankish road, going through the Po river: in an area that is both rural and urban, where medieval frescoes meet contemporary art installations, alongside religious architecture and countryside culture, archaeological findings and environmentaly friendly technologies. It is possible to stop by some of the oldest and liveliest spiritual centers of the Region, plus pass along farmhouses in which you can buy local agricultural products and discover new ways of social aggregation.

It is about 65 kilometers long through four protected areas: the Sud Milano Agricultural Park, which counts with 47 thousand acres around the city's southern area, it represents the 30% of the metropolitan area, the Vettabbia Park, the WWF Oasis of Montorfano and the San Colombano Municipal Park.

The first stage of the Cammino dei Monaci untangles from San Lorenzo alle Colonne, in donwotown Milan, towards the southern city outskirts along the canal of Vettabbia until it converges with the Lambro river. Its path creates the Vettabbia Valley, better known as the Monks Valley.

Back in the Middle Ages, Cistercian monks settled there and took on the effort to restore those lands, which until then were not habitable, by making them productive. This brought the rising of small, yet lively localities that boasted imporant abbies such as the ones in Chiaravalle, Viboldone and Mirasole.

The Cammino continues  along the Lambro river, some of its sections go near the river banks until reaching the Po river at Corte S. Andrea. Just like ancient pilgrims, you can engage in a "Transitum Padi", that is crossing the Po to reach by boat the Emilian shore of Soprarivo and reach the Frankish road.

Download the complete map of this itinerary here (in Italian)

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