Cammino di San Pietro

Cammino di San Pietro, religious itineraries in Lombardy

Cammino di San Pietro, religious itineraries in Lombardy

The Cammino di San Pietro or Road of St. Peter is an ancient itinerary that goes from Como to Milan through a secondary trail that traverses Cantù and Seveso, also known as the ancient Canturine road.

It takes its name from the fact that at this Cammino towards Seveso, due to the martyrdom of Pietro da Verona, dominican preacher and inquisitor, who was assasinated around the year 1252, in a period of violent religious conflicts, when he was on his way from Como to Milan, where he was supposed to preach at the S. Eustorgio Basilica.

Pietro was buried right at the premises of S. Eustorgio, which was a dominican monastery at the time, where his mortal remains lay inside a precious XIVth century tomb created by Balduccio da Pisa. The Cammino goes out from Como along the Roman path towards Milan along the foot of Baradello and around the monastery and church of St. Carpoforo.

Leave the main road and head to Cantù while passing by Albate, Senna. Enter Cantù near the ancient Hospital of St. Antonio. With the help of a detour sign you can reach the monumental XIth century compound of  Galliano, an illustrious example of the Lombard romanic period.

Keep going along Seveso near the countryside of Figino Serenza, passing near Cimnago and Mocchirolo di Lentate after a detour at downtown to see the splendid XIVth century Oratory of S. Stefano.

Leave Seveso and keep going towards Milan along this ancient road and enter the city by the Affori area and the Comasina district. reach S. Eustorgio and the Basilicas Park by going through the heart of a city that is Roman, paleochristian and christian all at the same time. Landmarks like the Cathedral, S. Sepolcro and S. Giorgio a Palazzo are proof of that. The Cammino di San Pietro is full of local history and memories, a special resource for a heavily urbanized territory.

There are 3 protected areas that border with Seveso, plus a fourth one that his traversed by a river that goes into the valley near over 30 places of historic, artistic and environmental interest

The last part of this trail towards Milan unveils the beauty of XIXth hundred century Patrician villas, delightful places that guard unparalleled art collections and antiques. Lastly, go through downtown Milan and discover its many urban monuments.

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