Coira and the Historic Spluga Trail

Discover Coira and the historic Spluga Trail

Discover Coira and the historic Spluga Trail

This itinerary starts at Coira, which is perhaps the oldest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Grigioni Canton. From here you can walk along a section of the Road to Santiago, which coincides in Rorschasch with the Lake of Costanza, joining to the Franco-German Jakobsweg. This walking and cycling trail follows both the Vorderrhein and the Hinterhein. A Thusis confluisce nella Via Storica dello Spluga (Thusis - Chiavenna).

The historic Spluga trail is a cultural and trekking path that has connected the central Alpine localities of Thusis and Chiavenna for centuries, and peoples like the Grisons, the Romansh, Waisers and Lombards. Most of the the historic Spluga trail untanlges along multeracks, which were an important part of it for a long time. Besides providing you with an encounter with history, it allows to get in touch with the singular mountain landscape and the local population whose life has been marked by generations of traffic in the area.

It features a 65 kilometers total length, starting in Thusis (720 m) allowing you to admire splendid monuments like the church of  S. Martino di Zillis, (UNESCO Heritage Site), running through the famous gorge of Via Mala until Splügen (1457 m). It goes south afterwards, going up to a 2115 meters altitude at the Spluga Pass, making it the highest point of this itinerary.

From here you can go downhill along the entire San Giacomo Valley, the initial part of this trail coincides with the fascinating Roman path at the Gorge of Cardinello, until reaching the 333 meters of Chiavenna, a key point in this pass.


Recommended stages:

  • Chur-Thusis
  • Thusis-Andeer
  • Andeer-Splügen
  • Splügen- Isola
  • Isola-Chiavenna
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