Via Francisca

Via Francisca, from Chiavenna to the town of Sorico

Via Francisca, from Chiavenna to the town of Sorico

The Via Francisca goes south from Chiavenna along the ancient trail on the plains of Chiavenna, connecting the Lario with the city. This trail coincides with the "Historic Valley Path", marked with yellow signs from the Valchiavenna Mountain Community.

A walking route that untangles along the western Slopes of Chiavenna, ending at the outskirts of the town of Sorico. It goes through populated areas in the bottom of the valley and the old localities of Samolaco until Casenda in the hamlet of Fontanedo, and the church of San Giovanni all'Archetto. You can go up the imposing stone stairs of Monte Berlinghiera, which offers the spectacular view of the Pian di Spagna Natural Reserve.

This trail crosses the mountain and hamlet of Dascio, Il sentiero valica il sasso di Dascio, crossing with the old Via Regina; going by the western shores of the small lake of  Mezzola in order to reach Ponte del Passo, by the 340  State road that enters into Sorico. Before going uphill, it is necessary to take a brief detour to the Oratory of San Fedelino, about 15 minutes away from Mera, then return going up the Mountain of Dascio.

Recommended stages:

  • Chiavenna - Samolaco (casenda)
  • Samolaco (Casenda) - Dascio
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