10 good reasons to visit Bergamo

10 good reasons to visit Bergamo, a few tips

Do you need ideas for a unique weekend? Here are 10 good reasons to visit Bergamo. The entire province teems with interesting vacation proposals and the following 10 suggestions certainly encourage you to try it.

Le Corbusier once said that the square of Piazza Vecchia was among the most beautiful he had ever seen and it would be a crime to even move a single stone of its structure.

Start by strolling through the modern Lower city until reaching the medieval Upper part of town in order to fully grasp the extent of its charm. You can take the cable car instead of the stairs and pass the old defensive walls.

By walking amid its narrow streets you can find green oases like the Lorenzo Rota Botanic Garden, boasting over 1200 plant species and a magnificent view of the urban landscape.

Art lovers should go to the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica and admire the masterpieces of Lotto or the Carrara Academy, guarding artworks by Botticelli, Bellini, Mantegna and Tiziano.

For outdoor activities, there are more than 400 km of skiing lanes and trekking itineraries for both cold and warm seasons. Explore Zogno's Caves of Wonders and do rafting along the Bergamasque Alps' rivers.

Don't forget to taste some casoncelli, polenta e osei and other good dishes from this enchanting land.

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