10 good reasons to visit Brescia

10 good reasons to visit Brescia, find out here

Do you need 10 good reasons to visit Brescia? Let us give you a few suggestions. After trying the reasons we mention in our list, only 10 will not be enough to visit this  peculiar corner of the country.

Start with its two cathedrals: the Duomo Vecchio and Nuovo, they stand next to each other and display completely different architectural styles. The former was built in a romanic style while the latter in a baroque and neoclassical one. 

"Lombards in Italy: places of power" is the title granted to a series of landmarks in the historic center, labelled as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The monumental area of the Roman Forum is one of the largest and best preserved public buildings from this age.

Pass along the elegant Renaissance of the City Hall and admire the tower with its astronomical clock.

Climb to the top of mount Cidneo and reach the Castle of Brescia. It harbors two museums and a good view of the local and surrounding scenery.

Automotive enthusiasts will appreciate the Mille Miglia Museum, dedicated to the legendary vintage car race devised to retrace the stages of this competition.

If you wish some peace and quiet, go to the lakes of the Iseo and Garda, encircled by mountains and the vineyards of Franciacorta and the thermal baths of Sirmione

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