10 Good Reasons to Visit Cremona

10 good reasons to visit Cremona, suggestions

We propose 10 good reasons to visit Cremona to help you plan a sojourn to this beautiful province. The city is easy to get around on foot, plus it is surrounded by a suggestive natural landscape and plenty of opportunities to taste its fine cuisine. 

Start by visiting the Torrazzo, go to the top and admire the urban skyline from above. Afterwards head to the Cathedral or Duomo standing beside it, this structure is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

If you wish to get in close contact with the crafting that has made this land into a cherished destination for music lovers all over the world, go to the Violin Museum. It showcases numerous unique items created by Antonio Stradivari. You can also explore his old residence and walk among the workshops of violinmaking masters who still work using classic techniques. This craft is considered an art so refined that it makes part of Unesco's Intangible Heritage.

Stroll along the shores of the Po river and make use of its assorted cycling network or take a brief waterway cruise and relax. Amongst these 10 hints we give you in this list, it is a good idea to delight your palate with a piece of Torrone nougat or local cheeses like Grana Padano or Provolone.

Browse amid the following reasons to visit and enjoy our territory. 

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