10 good reasons to visit Lodi

10 good reasons to visit Lodi, unmissable experiences

What is your next destination? Let us propose 10 good reasons to visit Lodi. Breathtaking architecture, landscapes and gastronomy make this territory into a series of destinations ripe for discovering. 

An essenstial stage when walking along the city center is Piazza della Vittoria and the arcades thad surround it. Historical buildings stand around it, adding further charm to the square. Market stalls occupy it on tuesdays and thursdays. 

The ancient art of pottery that is found in this province is renowned for its unique features. Civic Museums collect XVth century pots while artisan shops keep tradition alive. 

Whoever wishes to enjoy nature, just head into the countryside and pick the option that suits you: trekking, bicycle or horseback riding. 

The Paradiso Fish Park is one of a kind, besides offering large outdoor spaces for and pic-nic areas, this natural oasis counts with underwater watchpoints that allow visitors to admire how life develops under the water. 

A sojourn in Lombardy would not be complete without tasting its culinary specialties. Grana Padano DOP cheese is known all over Italy, but try the Granone Lodigiano PAT. The way it is served resembling flower petals is called Raspadüra. 

Discover these delicacies at its Wine and Flavor Trails. 

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