10 Good reasons to visit Monza

10 good reasons to visit Monza and surroundings

Check the following 10 good reasons to visit Monza. Although it is a relatively recent Province, it has lots to offer for visitors. Take note of the 10 suggestions mentioned in our gallery and try not to miss any.

Start by taking a walk in lush greenery near the city center. Its fenced Park is among the largest in Europe, capable of surprising whoever visits it at any given time, just approach one of its water mills and snap a picture of its bridges. 

Once inside, pay a visit to the famous Autodrome. It is one of the oldest permanent circuits in the world, its tracks are furrowed by racing and vintage vehicles all year long. The Italy Gran Prix takes place here since 1922.

Not very far from there we find the Royal Villa, a splendid neoclassical style manor with a magnificent view of its gardens. It harbors the Museum of Design as well, showcasing over 200 items that celebrate Italian artisanal skill. 

The Cathedral has the Zavattari Chapel, narrating the life story of Queen Theodolinde through a series of XVth century frescoes. 

Other good destinations are the cycling itineraries of the Villoresi canal and countryside villas of Cassano d'Adda. 

If those are not enough reasons for staying, the restaurants and products of Brianza will change your mind. 

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