Bergamo itinerary

Bergamo day trip

Bergamo day trip

Five kilometers of Venetian Walls contending for protection under UNESCO, the perfect plaza, a humanist "condottiero", and the masterpieces of a rediscovered Academy.

A city with two souls: Upper and Lower Bergamo, each with its own history and wonder. Just adventure among the countless steps to arrive at the top or take the funicular train passing along the old walls. Upper Bergamo is sure to enchant with gorgeous glimpses around every corner and over the city below.

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First Stop: Downtown Bergamo and the Lower city

Visiting Lower Bergamo, we suggest a stop in the ancient villages of San Antonio and San Leonardo as well as the Centro Piacentiniano, where you'll discover the main shopping street, il Sentierone. The itinerary continues with a visit to the Teatro Donizetti, the civic tower, the City Hall, the Cloister of Santa Marta, the Palazzo della Provincia and the Prefecture. To close out the morning, we suggest the churches of San Bartolomeo, the Church of Santo Spirito, and San Bernardino, which all contain a "Pala" by Lotto and numerous other prestigious art pieces.

Second Stop: Upper Bergamo

Explore Upper Bergamo in the afternoon between a visit to the Treasury Museum of the Cathedral, which also includes the new findings of the Antica Fondazione della Cattedrale. Continue upwards - by foot or elevator – to the Torre Campanaria (also known as the Campanone), in the heart of Upper Bergamo with 360° views. Swing by the interactive 16th century museum in Piazza Vecchia before visiting the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore with special open hours for the Tarsie del Lotto. Finally, a stroll to the Porta San Giacomo is a must with views from the ancient wall.

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