Brescia and Lake Iseo itinerary

2 days in Brescia and Lake Iseo

2 days in Brescia and Lake Iseo

A city with a one of a kind artistic heritage, cozy piazzas, a castle with battlements, two cathedrals, and a theater created in homage to Napoleone Bonaparte.

Brescia is a city to be discovered, but it's also a great departure point to visit Lake Iseo and its surroundings. A lake dotted with ancient villages, where nature and art come together in perfect harmony.

The local favorite has to be Monte Isola, a mountain on an island that divides the shores of Brescia and Bergamo. It's hard not to fall in love with the local towns and natural scenery here.

First Day

Transfer to Brescia
In the morning, head to the Archaeological Park and the Santa Giulia Museum: a voyage through the history, art, and spirituality of Brescia from the prehistoric era to the present. With an exhibition area of around 14,000 square meters in the gorgeous Lombard female monastic complex, there's plenty to see. Dedicate the afternoon to a stroll through the historic center and don't miss out on a few of the bigger attractions: Piazza della Loggia, Teatro Grande, the Church of San Francesco d'Assisi, and the Castle of Brescia.

Second Day

Transfer to Sulzano and ferry for Monte Isola, one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". It's possible to visit the artisan shops and buy the local products while enjoying the beautiful landscapes along the western shores of the island.
Ferry to return to Sulzano for lunch and a tour of the small historic center.
Return to Milan.


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