Lake Como day trip

Como and Bellagio itinerary

Como and Bellagio itinerary

Lake Como is renowned for its extravagant villas dotting the coastline between the lake and mountains. A relaxing stay is guaranteed among the charming hamlets, natural landscapes and impeccable gardens.

The lake has long been an inspiration for artists and writers such as Alessandro Manzoni and his celebrated novel, "The Betrothed" as well as Gustave Flaubert who was enchanted by the stunning nature.

Transfer from Milan to Como – About 1 hour 

First Stop: Como – visit to the historic center and Villa Olmo 

Take off to discover the city from the Cathedral of Como to the Teatro Sociale before continuing by foot to Piazza San Fedele, a city within a city, where the old grain market once was. Between the Romanesque basilica and Renaissance houses with exposed wood features you'll find vibrant and streets and public spaces to walk. Always by foot, you can arrive at the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio, a Romanesque masterpiece at the base of two twin bell towers. Returning to the lakeside, you simply cannot miss the Tempio Voltiano before strolling along the "Chilometro della Conoscenza", a path of rare beauty that perfectly pairs nature and art.

Second Stop: Ferry on the lake – nearly 2 hours to Bellagio 

Third Stop: Bellagio – visit the city center and free time 

Bellagio, situated on the very tip of land where the lake branches in two, lies Villa Melzi. The 19th century mansion designed by Giocondo Albertolli is surrounded by English Gardens that enchanted both Liszt and Stendhal. Don't forget Serbelloni Park, open to the public with guided visits and stunning views of the lake in all three directions

Return to Milan – Nearly 1 hour


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