Milan and its ghosts

Milan and its ghosts

Milan and its ghosts

When speaking of Milan's past history, what comes to mind are usually its many skeletons in the cupboard, but not everyone knows that when it comes to ghost stories and old legends, Milan is second to none. 
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, once you have heard some of these stories, the next time you are walking the city's streets and get a strange feeling that you are not alone, you may be right.
And I don't mean the chaotic vitality of the capital of fashion and design, but that strange feeling of being watched, the feeling that someone is right next to you.

If you have felt that way at least once in your lifetime while walking Milan's streets in the loneliest hours, you may have had one of those special encounters without knowing it.
Because Milan has its own ghosts.

Carlina, the ghost of the Cathedral: where to begin if not with the ghost that is believed to haunt Milan's most famous monument? Her name is Carlina and she is the ghost of a young girl dressed in black.
Carlina died young during her honeymoon in Milan. With her newlywed husband, she decided to visit the roof of the Cathedral but fell off and her body was never found again.
But why is she dressed in black?
The answer may be found in an old wedding customs connected with the "jus primae noctis" that gave feudal lords the right to sleep with newlywed maidens on their wedding night. Brides were dressed in mourning, completely wrapped in black silk, to fool the lord.
Carlina, however, had a terrible secret: she was pregnant by another man. Legend has it that the dragon statues on the spires and her secret guilt made her fall off the Cathedral.

Today many witnesses tell they have seen a lady in black and white eyes appear in the photos at the back of the married couple coming out of Milan's cathedral.

The serial killer of Milan: strolling through the beautiful alleys of Brera, one of Milan's most exclusive neighbourhoods, you may feel a cold breeze hit you out of nowhere. It could be the ghost of Antonio Boggia a cruel serial killer who killed many women after attracting them into his shop lining the alley.

The veiled Lady with the violet perfume: another Lady in black is the one that wonders in the park of the Sforza Castle. Here, the ghost of a beautiful black veiled lady with a violet perfume wonders the park in search for a man to keep her company. The legend says that she welcomes men into her alcove to make love to them. But if they try to look at her face, they never come back again.

The last ghost I would like to talk to you about is the one of Sophia Kalogheròpoulos.
Who is Sophia Kalogheròpoulos? She is in fact a very famous woman, most widely known as Maria Callas, who is said to occasionally appear on the stage of La Scala theatre.

These are only some of the ghosts that are believed to walk the streets of Milan, and if you are curious to learn more, just take a stroll across the city streets and maybe you can spot one of them with your own eyes.


Author: Stefania Pozzi

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