Photo Gallery Lombardy

Photo Gallery, Lombardy from A to Z

Photo GalleryLombardy through the lense of a camera allows to put its territory under original, unexpected light. That is the purpose of the following list, a project done in collaboration with local entities, associations and consortia.

Who better than the zone's communities to describe a region as large and varied as Lombardy? Experiences that these pictures try to display often are associated with the art, traditions, nature, sportive experiences, food and wine and regional curiosities that every province has to offer. 

Starting in Milan and the art cities of the remaining provinces, Pavia, Mantua, Sondrio and Cremona, not one gets left behind. Let's not forget about its lakes and valleys, like the Garda, the Iseo and the Valcamonica.

This Photo Gallery on Lombardy is a collective effort, arranged in alphabetical order. Although it is not exhaustive, it will certainly narrate in a realistic approach this land and the experiences to enjoy when visiting it.

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