Summertime in Lecco

5 activities for enjoying Sumertime in Lecco

Summer is considered by many to be the most beautiful season of the year: days are longer and full of light, warm temperatures allow to be outdoors from sunrise to sunset, plus numerous sports activities to spend your time in. Why not make the best of this to enjoy what this land has to offer?

Here are a couple suggestions for going outside and enjoy both local lakes and mountains.

In the morning: a full-speed downhill descent along the paths of Valsassina; by lunchtime: go swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing and canoeing; in the afternoon: take flight along birds and watch the land from above; by evening time: lay on a lawn and admire the fireworks. If you choose a green vacation instead, get in touch with nature by trekking through Lecco's natural parks and rest at its shelters.

All of this and more is what you can expect during your summertime sojourn, whether it is for a weekend or a longer vacation.

Enjoy summertime in Lecco with us: it doesn't matter if you choose a lake or mountain location, Lake Como offers something to everybody with its outdoor tourism options. 

Lake Como… a whole world of its own!

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