Table art, Lodi’s majolicas

Lodi’s majolicas, art ceramic in Lombardy

Lodi’s majolicas, art ceramic in Lombardy @nuovacoli

Did you know that Lodi is famous for its pottery?

The close relationship between Lodi and the art ceramic art has deep, ancient roots.

The city was already producing praying statues and lanterns during Roman times.

Such tradition was kept alive during the Middle Ages with the invention of the first vase kilns.

Pottery started to become a major part of local art and economy by the XVIIth and XVIII centuries. Cardinal Federico Borromeo founded an order for the Pavia Board.

Lodi's majolicas slowly started to become known beyond its borders, getting first to Veneto, then Germany and the Graubuenden.

Even though the XVIIIth century was its golden age, Lodi's pottery is very much alive. Nowadays it is necessary to follow certain requirements in order to achieve the "Traditional Lodi pottery" label.

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