Trams in milan

Trams in Milan

Trams in Milan

Milan has a long tradition of public transport. Its excellent tram, bus, trolley bus and underground train network covers just about any destination in the city. The trams are a truly typical feature of Milan, the first dating back to 1841.

Milan's tram network today comprises seventeen city lines, totalling 115 km, the largest in Italy. The most characteristic trams are the so-called1928 type- 1500 series - 502 of them built between 1928 and 1932, of which 163 are still in circulation.

A trip on a tram, even without any particular destination in mind, is a way of heightening enjoyment of this city, its history and culture narrated by its historical monuments, piazzas, gates, parks and avenues and its numerous sights. Simply for the pleasure of discovering Milan from a different viewpoint, from the window of a tram, sitting on comfortable little wooden armchairs on the oldest models rather than on the more recent means of transport.

For a unique experience, try a dinner on ATMosfera, the most exclusive restaurant tram operative in the city.

The two completely refurbished carriages, ATMosfera1 and ATMosfera2, have been turned into real restaurants with a vintage feel. The three different menus - meat, fish and vegetarian - are by internationally famous chefs and are rounded out by traditionally Milanese dishes.

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