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Via Torino, Milano

Via Torino, Milano @leontoin

Via Torino is an important route that connects Piazza Duomo and the Navigli area, and is one of the oldest streets in Milan with a long commercial tradition.

In past centuries, workshops and shops were located here that have left their traces behind in some of the adjacent streets such as Via Orefici, Via Spadari and Via Speronari. In 1859 the street was given its current name, it was widened and various buildings were replaced. Over the years the appearance of Via Torino has changed to accommodate the urban development and stylistic trends of the city of Milan.

This street remains a commercial centre that, thanks to its accessible location and numerous shop windows, is considered one of Milan's most important streets, with apparel and accessories shops that cater mainly to young people.

As you walk along Via Torino, in addition to stores and shops you will also find restaurants and cinemas and important historical and artistic monuments, including the small Renaissance jewel of the Basilica of Santa Maria in San Satiro. The basilica, with its facade slightly set back from the street, is known for the optical illusion created by Bramante, for its Romanesque bell tower and precious interior decor.

As you walk towards Porta Ticinese, you will find the Civic Temple of San Sebastiano to your right, with its enormous cylindrical structure. It was erected by the local residents in 1576 as a sign of thanks at the end of a plague and designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi. Be sure to look out for the works from the Lombard school from the 18th to the 20th century. Also be sure to stop by the Church of San Giorgio al Palazzo, with paintings by Bernardo Luini.

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