Bike trail of Lake Varese

Varese Lake: bike trail and Isolino Virginia

Varese Lake: bike trail and Isolino Virginia

The pedestrian-bike trail of Lake Varese is the best of its class in the Varese area: this 27-kilometre trail borders the lake perimeter and sometimes the main road. Other times, it is immersed in the natural environment.

The landscape views offered by the path are really impressive. The only variable factor comes from overcrowding on holidays and during summer, when cyclists must be careful in the narrower parts. The track is almost completely flat, with short ups and downs, but many possibilities to stop at scenic spots, benches and racks.

In the Varese territory, the most convenient point to get on this trail is at Schiranna. It runs through the following other localities: Capolago, Buguggiate, Azzate, Galliate Lombardo, Bodio Lomnago, Cazzago Brabbia, Cassinetta of Biandronno (where cyclists can trail to Lake Comabbio), Biandronno, Bardello, Gavirate, Oltrona al Lago, and Calcinate del Pesce.

At Azzate, visitors can see the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lago, and then continue riding through the trees to Cazzago Brabbia, where it would be important to see the historic ice houses, built in the 18th century and recently restored. These buildings are a record of the fishermen's life on the lake.

Near Biandronno, bicycles can be left at the racks on the navigation service pier, and visitors can take a boat to the island, Isolino Virginia, where there is a restaurant and a small museum. More importantly, the island is also an important archaeological site mentioned on the UNESCO World Heritage List "Prehistoric pile-dwellings around the Alps".

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