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Mountain bike excursion? Yes, but electric please!

Mountain bike excursion? Yes, but electric please! jomark

A selection of tours on two wheels through enchanting landscapes, with pleasant stops along the way. Afraid that you won't have enough breath and or strength in your legs? Easy: the bicycles of Emotion Bike are electric and make everything easier! 

There are different trails available, like the one in Bergamo city, that starts from the Venetian Walls, through Parco Colli, Val d'Astino and Piazza Vecchia, the heart of Città Alta (Upper Bergamo). Here, you'll stop for an appetizer and then go on to the lower part of the city through the San Giacomo Door.

In Presolana, the itinerary is this: climb a mule track up to the old carbonai streets, then reach the ski lift in Monte Pora and then the Chalet Pian del Termen, where you can have lunch with typical dishes.

Moreover, you'll enjoy the landscape that goes from the Presolana range to Val Seriana, from Iseo Lake to lower Valcamonica

Emotion Nike offers the opportunity of creating tailored itineraries, discovering different places and landscapes every time.

Each tour must be reserved and the cost varies according to the itinerary: maximum of 8 adults plus the children in the child seat.

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