Fat Bike in Valtellina

Fat Bike in Valtellina, great fun at any location and time

Fat Bike in Valtellina, great fun at any location and time

First, some basic information. What is a Fat Bike

They were invented in Alaska during the nineties, nowadays Alpine localities use them for their customers' to enjoy unique landscapes, specialy in wintertime.

Its main feature lies in the so-called fat wheels. They are the evolution of mountain bikes, with larger 3,7″ tyres and wider, 44 mm rims compared to traditional bicycles.

They allow whoever rides them to be able to pedal in any kind of terrain and condition, perfect for snowy itineraries and slopes in particular. A Fat Bike happens to be so manageable that anybody who is capable of pedaling can use them, even children and unexperienced cyclists, allowing to ride through both extreme paths and pleasant family trips.

The are of Valtellina has always been on the cutting edge regarding tourism and sports. From the Higher Valtellina - Livigno, Santa Caterina, Bormio, Valdidentro - to the Valley of Aprica, until reaching Valchiavenna in Madesimo and Campodolcino, it is possible to find specialized structures that rent Fat Bikes and provide guided tours. 

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