Itineraries. Slow biking in Lodi

Bike routes, Lodi

Bike routes, Lodi

Lodi can be considered a model city due to its "slow tourism" thanks to the tranquility of its plains and its vast artistic, enogastronomical and natural heritage.

It is the ideal place for those who wish to travel by pedaling.

The Province has built a biking and pedestrian network that spreads all over the territory that turns it into a real integrated cycling system that provides a valid alternative and support that compensate for other means of transport.

The network nowadays covers over 500 kilometers.

The area of the four provinces of the Lombardy Po Tourist System comprises  Pavia, Lodi, Cremona and Mantua. It includes a vast network of bicycle routes.

Over 2000 kilometers of itineraries away from traffic on country roads, cycle lanes. The network offers a wide range of solutions, from short trips to grand tours that last several days.

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