Itinerary the cycle road of lambro

Itinerary The Cycle-Road of Lambro

Itinerary The Cycle-Road of Lambro Parco Valle Lambro

The tour starts from the city of Monza where you can visit the Cathedral, which houses the famous Iron Crown worn by Frederick Barbarossa, Charles V and Napoleon Bonaparte, and Villa Reale built by Maria Theresa of Austria as a summer residence for her son Ferdinand of Austria-Este. From here to Biassono the route runs within Monza Park, one of the biggest walled natural areas in Europe. After a short ride you will reach Villa Campello Park in Albiate.

The tour continues towards Agliate, where you can visit the Romanesque Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul which well deserves a visit. From here to Nibionno the route leads you sometimes to very busy roads so you have to be careful, while from Nibionno to Costa Masnaga the cycle-road twists among gentle hills crowned by medieval towers.

In Baggero Oasis you can admire a striking waterfall, one of the most beautiful corners of the entire Brianza. You can go ahead towards Monguzzo Castle from where you can take a pleasant cycle track among nature which leads you to Alserio Lake where you can also find an information point of Lambro Valley Park.

The last stop is in Erba village where you can find places to eat and to sleep and where you can visit many interesting attractions from Saint Eufemia Church to Parco Licinium to the Archaeological Museum.

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