Rigorously Bike friendly

Rigorously Bike friendly, a few suggestions

Rigorously Bike friendly, a few suggestions Upcycle - Milano Bike Café

When traveling through the streets of Milan on two wheels, it is important to find the right place to stop and have a break, enjoy a cup of cofee and make a quick bike check-up if necessary. Are there places like that in Milan? They may not be many, but once you visit them they will stay in your memory forever.


From breakfast to lunches, aperitifs and dinner, every moment is right for stopping by the Bianchi Cafè & Cycles. Fans of this historic bicycicle brand know already that it stands for Italian quality and style. It opened a few months ago in via Cavallotti, just a few steps of the Cathedral or Duomo, as the locals call it. Stop by for a drink at its lunge bar and treat your palate with some of the restaurant's dishes. If you wish to buy a city or mountain bike or any accessory from this prestigious brand, take a look at its shop, which counts with a workshop and bike fitting service.


An urban bike cafè in via Ampère 59, Upcycle Milano is an open and welcoming space where you can sit and work with your laptop, read a book or watch cycling races at its screening room. Since it is a business that caters to biking enthusiasts, you can repair your bicycle in its premises or attend maintenance courses that take place here.


Cascina Cuccagna is the result of a project focusing on restoring an eighteenth century building repurposed into a gathering hub. You can go grocery shopping at its farmers market, attend one of its many courses like carpentry, organic cosmetic products or yoga, enjoy a culinary experience at the tables of its singular trattoria and vegetarian dishes by chef Nicola Cavallaro. You can get your bike repaired as well at Ciclofficina Cuccagna (open every Saturday starting at 14:30) and get some assistance, learn the basic secrets of cycling mechanics or just find tools to repair your vehicle.


The Deus Café is the preferred rendezvous point for fans of the Deus Ex Machina brand, a bar and restaurant located beside the Australian company's exhibition space in via Thaon Revel, where it is possible to take a break while the workshop staff are at work, or just have some mediterranean cuisine dishes for lunch. It is open everyday from 9.30 late at night.


Halfway between the city and the countryside in Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286, there is Erba Brusca, a restaurant with its own garden market and seaonal cooking based on local products or from environmentally friendly providers. Customers can loan its available bikes in order to pedal along the canals of the naviglio.


Ciclosfuso embraces numerous universes in a single space. It focuses mainly in cycling and wine. It includes a winery with a bistrot for tasting sessions at the table or on the go, open for lunchtime and the evenings, plus a bicycle store with its own workshop. It is a gathering place for events, meetings and exhibitions. Founded on a former industrial complex, its main entrance can be found in Via Sartirana and counts with a quiet courtyard in via Vigevano 43, at a suburban home in old Milan.

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