Sesto Calende

Sesto Calende: gateway at Lake Maggiore, along Ticino river

Sesto Calende: gateway at Lake Maggiore, along Ticino river

Connected with Piedmont via a road and railway bridge, the town of Sesto Calende is the ideal starting point for the paths in the southern Verbano area and beyond. This lively city stands where the river Ticino emerges from Lake Maggiore.

The riverfront is a very nice itinerary for cyclists who choose to go southward, to the Ticino Park, and pedal as far as Pavia or Milan, in which case they would first skirt the Ticino River and, then, the Villoresi Canal and the Naviglio Grande on the cycling lane. Sesto Calende has an interesting Municipal Archaeological Museum right in the centre of the city, next to the town hall.

This museum houses mainly Iron Age finds, the result of important excavations that helped discover an ancient civilization, the culture of Golasecca. The Sesto Calende train station allows travellers to easily reach Milan or even Switzerland: in many cases, it is possible to take bicycles on the train.

Cycling from Sesto Calende, travellers can easily reach the Piedmontese shore and the towns of Castelletto Ticino or Arona, located more to the north. Remaining on the Lombard shore, a very interesting destination for cycling, travellers can visit the nearby hamlet of Lentate, the starting point for a number of cycling lanes (many of which are well marked), suitable for mountain bikes.

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