Walled Cities Bike Lanes Itinerary

Walled Cities Bike Lanes Itinerary, pedalling in Lombardy

Walled Cities Bike Lanes Itinerary, pedalling in Lombardy

The Walled Cities Bike Lanes Itinerary is the perfect way to discover the countryside along 37 a kilometers cycling lane in the city of Cremona. This itinerary was mostly organized for deployment on dirt and gravel roads that were originally for agricultural use.  

Starting and finishing points of these lanes are in the historic center of two small cities surrounded by well maintained walls, giving this bike route its name. 

Begin at the walled structure of Pizzighettone, known in the area for its Tripe a la Milanese, a dish that is the central theme of the San Bassiano Patronal Festival, usually taking place in January. 

Pedal from Torre del Guado to Formigare easily among cultivated fields and farmhouses inside protected areas of the Adda Sud Regional Park. It is ideal for children who will gladly ride on the lookout of local hawk nests.  

Then you will reach San Bassano and the village of Santa Maria dei Sabbioni, pass in the middle of the ditches of Bernarda and Gallotta until getting to the Sanctuary of Ariadello.  

Arrive to the final stop of Soncino, one of the most beautiful boroughs in Italy and famous for its four-tower fortress. If you are still not tired, consider visiting the Press and Printing Musem, showcasing an a XVth century print machine.

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