Where to do Horseback Riding in Lombardy

Where to do horseback riding in Lombardy, route suggestions

Where to do horseback riding in Lombardy, route suggestions Foto Archivio Destinazione Valtellina

Where to do horseback riding in Lombardy? Here are some proposals for an unforgettable itinerary. Whether it is that you are experts or beginners, it is always exciting to know the routes where it is possible to go in the Region. 

With its numerous Natural Parks, Lombardy provides various places where to do this engaging activity. If you are just starting going on horseback, the trails of the Adda Park go through the forests along the river. You can choose roads that last a few hours and, with the help of instructors, start riding, get used to the horse and build rapport with it.

In summertime, you may find fresh air and a suitable clearing for getting off the saddle, stretch your legs and identify a spot where the colt can rest and water itself.

Even in the province of Como, the lake shores and trees that surround it provide the perfect ambiance for both brief horseback rides or spending entire days. 

Agrotourism Grillo offers trekking itineraries followed by professional guides and a tasting session of authentic Lombard products upon return. It also has a riding school for and a summer camp for children. 

The Ticino area where to do a horseback ride during an active vacation. Lombardy's many paths and treasures will surprise you.

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