Where to Go Fishing in Lombardy

Where to go fishing in Lombardy, hints and ideas

Where to go fishing in Lombardy, hints and ideas ft.Stefanini

Where to go fishing in Lombardy? There are plenty of options for you. Choose where to go throw a hook, relax and wait for the fishes to bite.

Please take notice that, in order to practice this sport in Italian waters, it is necessary to acquire a license. The required documents to get it may vary depending on the province,  although experienced enthusiasts might be already be aware of this.

Pavia counts with the Carpers Lake, a very popular pond amongst summertime carp fishermen. The Oxbow Lakes of Cascinazza are a private reserve comprising a series of interconnected canals, plus the Naviglio Pavese makes part of the Ticino river.

Head to the Senagara creek in Como, where it is possible to fish surrounded by the lush vegetation of this land and go trekking or have a pic-nic. Try also the ponds of Ceresio and Montorfano

The best place near Sondrio is undoubtedly Val di Lei, a 10 kilometers long blue stream with a bounty of artic charr, rainbow and brown trouts in a breathtaking backdrop.

The zone of Brescia is particularly aprpeciated by aficionados while the Garda is known for nocturne eel catching.

Adda Morta in Lodi is renowned for its acquatic flora. Pikes and bass abound in Bergamo's Val Cavallina.

Just pick where to go, grab a fishing pole and enjoy Lombardy. 

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