Where to Go Paragliding in Lombardy

Where to Go Paragliding in Lombardy

Where to Go Paragliding in Lombardy

Where Go Paragliding in Lombardy? Those who seek unforgettable experiences should consider trying this sport. You'll be followed at every stage in absolute safety in order to enjoy the thrill of getting ready to without worrying: finding a location suitable for takeoff, taking a big breath and letting theadrenaline flow.  

Afterwards, just run and take a leap of faith...In less time that you know, the glider will give you the sensation that the world is at your feet. Where to go and do this exciting activity, you ask? We offer a few suggestions for planning a weekend adventure, an original gift or an astonishing surprise.  

Look to go paragliding in Livigno - there is Feel the Sky, a center with friendly instructors who will  be able to put you at ease before departure. 

At Sorico in Como we find the Club Parapendio Brevart, they will make you experience the excitement of flying above the lake while gazing upon the breathtaking view of the neighboring Alps. 

The Fly2Fun Association in Ghedi (Brescia) proposes novice users a descent in tandem and paragliding itineraries to teach the more adventurous types how to hover by themselves. 

Sports tourism in Lombardy has never been so thrilling, pick where to begin and discover a new passion!

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