Yoga in parco sempione

Yoga in Parco Sempione

Yoga in Parco Sempione @Duilio Piaggesi

Parco Sempione in Milan is the perfect location for many sports. Locals traditionally use the park for jogging alone or in couple, or to practice the latest trends in physical activity and fitness. And one of the most recent one in Italy and elsewhere is yoga which has become even more popular thanks to the numerous celebrities who praise the benefits of yoga to keep their shape. So if Yoga is your passion, what better location than a park plunged into nature right in the middle of a dynamic city?

The first thing about yoga is that it helps people find peace and inner calm, but the discipline is much more: it has many benefits for both the mind and the body, especially if practiced in a setting that favours concentration.

Parco Sempione is the favourite choice of yoga lovers because it is like a green oasis in the middle of the city and it is a perfect place for socializing. While in contact with nature, one can lie on the grass and admire the beautiful Sforza Castle: if you look the opposite site, you can see the stoutly Arch of Peace. This combination of nature and architecture makes this park a unique and a very popular spot for locals, as well as for visitors.

For these features, Parco Sempione was chosen as the venue of a new event in Italy (but already popular in other countries) that combines the passion of yoga and solidarity. The annual event is called Arco dell'Alleanza (after the Arch of Peace). The first edition was held in Italy in 2012, and is aimed at raising funds for charity. The project is supported by the Marco Berry Non-Profit Association. Throughout the one-day event, one can attend conferences, meditation sessions, musical events and collective exercises with experts that will also help beginners. The event involves important academies, schools and trainers inviting all participants to experiment the wonders of yoga immerged in the relaxing green fields of the park, under the shades of the trees. A perfect event for yoga lovers, and also for those who want to learn more or simply be part of a unique experience.

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