Lombards in Italy Places of Power

The Lombards in Italy, Places of Power and History

The Lombards in Italy, Places of Power and History @Provincia di Brescia

The Lombards in ItalyPlaces of Power, this is the title of seven localities that symbolize the importance of this people in the country. They all became part of the prestigious Unesco World Heritage Sites list on june 25th, 2011, treasure troves of architectural, painting and sculpting remains of Lombard mastery.

Traces of the Lombards' presence are scattered all over the Italian peninsula, from Udine at the north to Foggia in the south. 

Each one of these venues has been chosen as parts of a single compound, one of nine Unesco Sites in Lombardy. It represents an important and properly preserved feature of this Nordic culture's artistic wealth and daily life as expressed in Italy between the years 558 and 774 AD.

Two of these monumental areas are located in Lombardy:

The Santa Giulia Monastery and San Salvatore Basilica can be found at the Roman Forum archaeological district in the city of Brescia. It used to be a place of spiritual recollection for women, its first Abbess was Anselperga, daughter of King Desiderio. 

Visit the Castrum of Castelseprio in the province of Varese, with the convent of Torba, the church of Saint Mary Foris Portas and the ruins of a sanctuary dedicated to St John the Baptist.

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