Monte San Giorgio

Monte San Giorgio, what a sight!

Monte San Giorgio, what a sight!

Monte San Giorgio sits in the middle of Italy and Switzerland. The Italian side of Monte San Giorgio became part of Unesco's World Heritage Sites in 2010 while the Swiss half has been since 2003. 

There are nine Unesco Sites in Lombardy, people who love to visit mountains and amateur geologists will appreciate the rich history this territory holds, plenty of evidences of past eras. 

This elevation is located between Pavese and Canton Ticino, surrounded by the southern fronts of Lake Lugano, reaching an altitude of 1097 meters. 

Early excavations made in the 1800s by paleontologists from both countries unearthed exceptionally preserved fossils that dated back to 200 million years ago. Although some internationally famous grounds allow visitors to watch only one shell rock level and consequently the animal species trapped in it, here they can see  up to 5 different levels and follow the evolution of certain lifeforms along several ages.

Such findings include invertebrates, reptiles, fish and plants, exhibited at the dedicated Museums of Meride and Bessano, plus a geo-paleontological trail that leads enthusiasts to numerous excavation spots. 

You can also practice trekking in one of many paths, available for amateurs and experts, or admire the Alpine landscape and the plains of Lombardy at the top. 

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