Rock Carvings National Park

Rock Carvings National Park, a look into the past

Rock Carvings National Park, a look into the past

The Rock Carvings National Park is the first of the Unesco Sites in Lombardy to be labelled as World Heritage. 

This protected area is situated in the Province of Brescia, given the title of National Park due to its extraordinary findings. 

Valcamonica is the splendid backdrop for this pricless archaeological site. Over 140,000 rock carvings were found in 1979, but nowadays there are more than 300 thousand scattered around 24 municipalities.

These carvings done on solid rock have been made during a 13000 years time lapse. The latest of these are believed to be created by the Camunni people, narrating important aspects of daily life: religious rites, conflicts and hunting. 

Each town proposes unique visit itineraries that untangle in various areas, with maps marking the most relevant spots. Guided tours available as well, experienced and passionate staff who can turn these historic and scientific discoveries into an exciting tale.   

The Prehistory Museum is located in the old Villa Agostani building at the center of Capo di Ponte, which gathers decades' worth of finds in this zone. 

Prehistorical and natural treasures await for you in the Camonica Valley. This example of the Unesco Sites in Lombardy will inspire you to find out about the Region

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