Venetian Walls Bergamo

Venetian Walls in Bergamo

Venetian Walls in Bergamo @igbergamo

Do you wish to take a walk under the moonlight with the right person at a romantic, inspiring venue? We have the perfect place in mind, that has recently become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We're talking about the Venetian Walls of Bergamo: the upper city is enclosed by this imposing masonry examples and bastions that date back to the XVIth century when Bergamo was part of the Venetian Republic. The red light of the street lamps descends upon this impressive structure while whole panorama of the lower city can be gazed upon from above. 

The walls extend for over 6 kilometers, with a varying height that reaches 50 meters in certain poits. Over the weekend, the perimeter becomes a large pedestrian area.

The excitement of passing through one of its 4 monumental gates into the upper city enclosed by these high walls is unique. The most suggestive entrance is the northern one, also known as Porta di San Giacomo, where Giuseppe Garibaldi annexed Bergamo to the Piedmontese Kingdom.

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