Violin Craftmanship Cremona

Violin craftmanship Cremona, a priceless knowledge

Violin craftmanship Cremona, a priceless knowledge

The violin craftmanship of Cremona became part of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2012. It is a well-deserved label adding up to the nine Unesco Sites Lombardy already boasts within its borders. 

Luthiers' craft started to develop in Cremona in the XVth century. Entire families were involved in this activity, creating refined, unique instruments. 

Antonio Stradivari was a famous violin maker native of this city. Following the craftmanship expertise that has been passed on over generations, he was very knowledgeable of materials such as timber and varnish, plus he mastered crafting techniques of the time. His home was transformed into an exhibition of his working tools and original designs. 

Violin craftmanship in Cremona still an extensively manual practice. Even  the wood aging process is done naturally, that way not one piece of industrial origin is used to assemble Cremona's violins.  

There are 150 active artisan workshops that keep the tradition of past masters' alive. This is due to the efforts of the International Luthier School, where students learn how to create an instrument.

Admire five centuries of this art form at the Violin Museum

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