Angolo terme

Angolo Terme

Angolo Terme Terme di Angolo

Angolo Terme is a popular modern spa resort at the start of Val di Scalve, in natural surroundings that include Lake Iseo, Lake Moro and nearby Valcamonica.
Terme di Angolo is one of a kind thanks to its microclimate, summer coolness and above all, its thermal waters.
The spa resort is surrounded by a wonderful park stretching for 35,000 m² inside which are the San Silvestro and Fonte Nuova springs, discovered in ancient times and used since then for their well-known treatment properties - hydrotherapy, muds, inhalations - and for the preparation of spa cosmetics famous throughout Europe.

The waters in Angolo Terme, classified as calcium-bicarbonate-sulphate, are said to be able to treat many diseases of the stomach, the intestine, kidneys and the urinary tract.
Thermal treatments and regenerating walks in nature are a health and wellbeing combo just waiting to be discovered in this spa resort.

Following a holistic approach to health and wellbeing of the body and mind, the beauty farm at the Terme di Angolo offers a vast range of treatment and beauty massages, and the Finnish sauna helps to relax and detox, with positive effects on body and mind.

Inside the park there is a life trail suitable for all, from those wanting intensive training to those preferring gentle, easy exercise.

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