San pellegrino terme

San Pellegrino Terme

San Pellegrino Terme QC Terme San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino Terme is a famous spa resort located merely twenty-five kilometres from Bergamo.

At the heart of the mountain scenery of the Brembana Valley, San Pellegrino became a fashionable and highly popular destination in the inimitable era of the Belle Epoque. Since the early 20th century San Pellegrino Terme was equipped with facilities and amenities that astonished visitors and helped to increase the resort's fame. The Casino, which dates back to 1904, has a spectacular entrance, monumental staircase and beautiful rooms, including the Ballroom. Next door, the Spa is surrounded by greenery, with rooms and porticoes adorned with a display of marble, mosaics, beautiful stained glass windows along with state of the art medical equipment and services. Further below stands the colossal Grand Hotel, with its 128 metre- façade overlooking the river Brembo, built in 1905. At the time, the Art Nouveau style of architecture was synonymous with the cosmopolitan society's tasteful and pleasurable lifestyle.

The waters of San Pellegrino are effective at fighting kidney stones, diseases of the liver and the digestive system. The springs of San Pellegrino were already known since the Middle Ages, but its therapeutic properties would not be exploited until the 18th century.

At the end of the same century and in the early 20th century the town became a first-rate spa. While the Great War marked the decline of the resort, an increasing amount of water from its springs was bottled. In fact, today San Pellegrino mineral water is served on tables throughout the world.

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