Terme di trescore balneraio

Terme di Trescore Balneario

Terme di Trescore Balneario Marco Patelli

The Terme di Trescore Balneario, just a few kilometres from Bergamo, set deep in the hills of the Cavallina Valley, enjoys an excellent panoramic position and a climate popular for its mildness.

Trescore Balneario is a town with a wealth of historical sites, which can be appreciated on itineraries that lead to the discovery of noble buildings, medieval towers and, in the surrounding hills, eighteenth-century villas and tiny churches.

Known as a treatment resort since ancient times, the first medical mention made of the properties of its sulphurous waters dates back to the 1400s, when Bartolomeo Colleoni rebuilt the spa on the medieval Benedictine convent, rising up out of the ruins of the ancient Roman spa.

The Terme di Trescore offers a real spa experience, a valuable ally for health thanks to the beneficial effects that the waters have on the body's organs and systems.

Trescore water, richer in hydrogen sulphide and other sulphide compounds than most spa waters in Italy, is ideal for treating the most common respiratory tract, ENT, osteo-joint and skin pathologies.

Trescore is also renowned for treatments using a very effective natural mud, taken directly from the cave in the sulphurous water table. Trescore mud is very rich in minerals and valuable trace elements and brings relief to those suffering from joint pain.

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