Hotel Mantua

Hotel Mantua, choices on where to stay

Hotel in Mantua. The list we present in this page will certainly assist you in selecting where to stay in Mantua. Take the chance to visit a city has been labelled as a World Heritage Site by Unesco alongside with Sabbioneta. We propose the best solutions that will turn your stay at a fine Hotel in Mantua into an unforgettable experience. 

Use our guide to find the right Hotel. Mantua was a stronghold of the Renaissance where the Gonzaga family ruled, now it offers visitors the opportunity to live a vacation full of art, culture, sports, food and wine. Admire buildings and monuments such as Palazzo Te, and Castello San Giorgio with its famous Bridal Chamber.

Book a Hotel in Lombardy, an ideal territory to taste some authentic products of the Region: Mantuan Pumpkin, a typical condiment called Mostarda, and Sbrisolona, a special dessert made out of cornmeal, hazelnuts, lard or butter.  

Pick a solution that suits you, be it that you're searching for a low cost or a pet-friendly Hotel. Mantua counts with two rivers, the Po and the Mincio, that go across it, plus several nature routes and bicycle lanes that follow the aforementioned water streams. 

Enjoy a unique sojourn at a Hotel in Lombardy while discovering the wonders of its natural beauty, cultural and enogastronomical tradition. 

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