Bosco arcadia

Bosco Arcadia

Bosco Arcadia is a forest nearby the Po river, free access with table for pic-nic and benches to enjoy the typical nature; you can also ride through its 7 kms of paths with your bicycle (you can rent it) or go on foot thanks to the maps.


If you want, our staff is available to lead you through the secrets of the forest or to set up everything for your party outdoor completely surrounded by the nature (free offer). In the forest, the people can sleep in the camping area (from 5 to 10 euro) or in the Bed & Breakfast (from 20 euro/person), where, there is available a garage for the bicycle with an extra price.

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Contacts SERVICE PROVIDERS Bosco Arcadia Via Nazario Sauro, 16 27050 Pancarana 346 5363491

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