Marchese Adorno Winery

Marchese Adorno Winery

The Marchese Adorno farm is located in Retorbido, a small town in the Staffora Valley deep in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese.


The area is famous for its wines and food, not to mention its natural beauty and ancient castles. The farm combines tradition with innovation to produce high quality wines that gratify the senses and expectations of our consumers.


Since 2014 we have been converting to organic farming. Our terroir embraces the ancient Lombard courtyard where we produce, refine and age our wines.


The symbol of our company is a pyramid that rises out of the rose beds in the centre of the courtyard; it shows visitors the way to the entrance of our enchanting underground barrique cellar.



-Viniculture area: Oltrepò Pavese
-Vine variety: Pinot nero , barbera, croatina , riesling renano , pinot grigio, merlot
-Wine produced: Pinot nero , barbera , bonarda , riesling renano, pinot grigio, pinot nero vinificato bianco, pinot nero vinificato rosato, merlot
-Hectares: 60


Opening days and time:
from Monday to Sunday: 9:00 - 12:00 / 15:00 - 18:00
Our day off is on Sunday afternoon 


Reservation is necessary.



Contact us to make a reservation:
Tel: 0383 374404


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Contacts Buy Artisan Products Marchese Adorno Winery Via Garlassolo, 30 27050 Pavia 0383 374404
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